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Bruce Meyer (Roads and Bridge Supervisor) for Cardinia Shire Council

Project - The photos below illustrate a pot-hole repair that Council say would typically take 20 minutes to prepare the bitumen. The Council completed these works in less than 5 minutes when using the Hand Operated Jackhammer.

Product - Hand Operated Jackhammer

Why did you originally choose to trial the Callander Hand Operated Jackhammer?

I first saw the Hand Operated Jackhammer on the internet and thought it was a good alternative to a standard jack hammer on smaller type works when you wanted to minimise setup time.

For what purpose and application is the Hand Operated Jackhammer being used?

We use the Hand Operated Jackhammer for maintenance including roadside defects and edge cracks.

What makes the Hand Operated Jackhammer easier to use than its alternatives?

The Hand Operated Jackhammer has a comfortable handle that fits snugly inside the hand which allows greater impact and minimises the jarring and shock experienced with a crow bar and jack hammer.

When smashing concrete/bitumen how does a Hand Operated Jackhammer compare to a crowbar?

The chisel point can be accurately positioned before the impact blow is delivered which ensures a precision finish.

How has the Hand Operated Jackhammer saved your crew time on site?

The Hand Operated Jackhammer reduces setup times. A conventional jack hammer requires the setting up of a power source and traffic management. Also increased accuracy means the crew can smash through the concrete/bitumen much quicker with less effort and stress on the body. It used to take our crew around 20 minutes to repair a standard sized pothole using a crow bar. We’re finding that the Hand Operated Jackhammer is only taking 5 minutes to complete the same sized job.

Would you agree that the Hand Operated Jackhammer delivers up to 10 times the impact of an ordinary crow bar?

Yes, easily.

Would you recommend the Hand Operated Jackhammer to other Councils and anyone who uses a crowbar or conventional jack hammer?


Re: Callander Hand Operated Jack Hammer

I wish to advise that the maintenance crews are happy with the slidecrowbar as they are easy to use (especially in hard ground) and they eliminate the risk of jarring and injury to the body.

The ease of use and the power it generates to easily break up hard ground or objects is a benefit to our day to day operations. The quality of the product has been found to be excellent and if used correctly no problems have been encountered since the inception of their use ( May 2003 ).

We have found the slide crowbars to be a great benefit to the day to day operations of our work and eases the stress on the body of the workers ( especially in hard ground areas).

Thanking you

Brett McTaggart
Maintenance Co-ordinator
Systems Maintenance

Head Office: 61-67 Ryrie Street, Geelong, 3220, Victoria, Australia. Ph: 1300 656 007

Re: Callander Hand Operated Jack Hammer

At saferoads we have been using hand operated jack hammers supplied by Callander Equipment for at least 4 years. These units have been used by installer of our guide posts in every state of Australia and have proved to be extremely durable, in fact, I cannot recall any failures.

As such, we highly recommend this product.

Darrell Beange

Production Manager

SAFEROADS P/L - PO Box 340, Drouin, Vic 3818, Australia. Phone: 1800 060 672

Andrew Long - General Builder - Lic. No. 1024499

Re: Callander Slidehammer

I have been a general builder for over 23 years and am currently working at a large 5 star Resort in Port Douglas Far North Queensland.

As my work is not often near a power connection, I have found the Callander Slide Hammer an extremely useful tool for breaking up concrete, lifting tiles, repairing asphalt and demolition.

I find the SlideHammer to be an extremely useful tool and I carry it in my work ute as part of my tool kit constantly.

I would have no hesitation in recommending it to any General Builder or property owner.

Your Sincerely,

Andrew Long
General Builder

86 Windsor View Road, Julatten Qld 4871.
Mobile: 0419 880 413 Fax: (07) 4094 1614
ABN: 82 431 455 727

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